Hydrotherapy Pool Campaign off to a winning start

Tamara Taylor former Captain of the Six Nations Rugby Squad has given her backing to the Hydrotherapy Pool campaign, she will be helping to spread the word about the positive impact Hydrotherapy treatment has on people and why the pool is such an important resource for the whole community.

Tamara visited the centre recently and met with some of the users of the pool to hear how the pool helps with pain management and strengthening as they manage their own conditions.

Tamara has herself experienced injury and has had two major operations, knee reconstruction and ankle surgery. Tamara says “Using a pool like the one at PCP helped me strengthen my ankle and has been so vital in achieving a good rehabilitation, due the buoyancy of the water I was able to walk and run well before I was able to on land”

“I am so pleased to be able to support this campaign which is such an important community resource. I am looking forward to getting involved in the fundraising activity”.

Chief Executive Carol Gaskarth “We are absolutely delighted that Tamara has come on-board, as an Ambassador of PCP to help the Pool campaign, she has achieved the highest level in her career, she is hugely respected and a wonderful role model”.

The fundraising campaign is gathering pace, after receiving a significant donation of £50,000 taking the current total to £204,000. The total refurbishment is expected to be in the region of £410,000

  • To find out more about the events and how you can get involved in the fundraising visit www.diveinpcp.co.uk.

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