Aycliffe Business Park Community Ltd (ABPC) was formed to continue building a bright and successful future for all businesses located on the Park.

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Mission Statement

To promote Aycliffe Business Park as a community and position the organisation as a resource for all its businesses.

The ABPC aims to:

  • Develop, sustain and support a vibrant and diverse business park community
  • Contribute to an environment where businesses can grow and develop
  • Support businesses with opportunities to promote and gain information related to their business
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These aims will be achieved by

  • Supporting and aiding economic development and economic activity within the Aycliffe Business Park Community (ABPC) area.
  • Promoting and supporting the ABPC through events and marketing materials, both published and digital
  • Collating, communicating and representing the views of ABPC to partners, stakeholders and groups
  • Influencing matters relevant to ABPC, including physical aspect of the ‘Business Park’, planning and policy frameworks.
  • Keeping ABPC informed on matters important to the Business Park
  • Signposting ABPC members to support, provision and information for their business needs
  • Communicating and sharing skills, best practice and facilitating knowledge transfer within the ABPC
  • Exploring and engaging in commercial activity related to the needsof the ABPC
  • Stimulating and encouraging intertrade, information sharing and connectivity of the ABPC