Durham Savers collaborate with media company + a fantastic offer for ABP businesses

Durham Savers

Durham Savers aims to create a savings culture in a day where 50% of the population have less than £100 in savings and the dependence on credit has simply never been higher.

Working families are now more frequently turning to high cost credit like payday lenders; this is resulting in £millions leaving the local economy every year, that is why the Durham Savers programme is so important for the County. Businesses can play an important role in helping to change this culture and have a positive impact on the financial wellbeing of their employees.

So in addition at our ABP brand refresh event, Pillarbox have offered three lucky entrants to the new online ABP directory the opportunity to win their own promotional video. The offer aims to help businesses produce a valuable marketing asset whilst also learning about the Durham Savers programme.

Early applicants who are in with a chance of winning their own online video are listed below:

  • AAA Caring Caretaker Ltd
  • ALM Products Limited
  • Accurate Systems Labelling Ltd
  • Aycliffe Fabrications
  • Chapters Counselling & Training
  • Complete Weed Control
  • Creativehill
  • Design365
  • Edwards’ Analytical Ltd
  • Excelpoint
  • Fleet Recruitment
  • High Impact Development
  • com
  • KSJ People Development
  • NAS Group Durham
  • Newton Press
  • Patrick Lonergan Recruitment
  • Pattinson & Milburn Training Ltd
  • Philip Armstrong Construction
  • ROF59
  • Sanders Associates
  • Sora Group
  • Stiller Warehousing
  • The Work Place
  • Think Eleven
  • Tree Tops Occupational Therapy
  • Upex Electrical Distributors Limited
  • Workshop Supplies

Winners will be announced on the Aycliffe Business Park website soon.