How do you engage with candidates?

Companies can often underestimate the challenge of attracting new employees and the lack of applicant response can come as a shock and frustrates many employers.

Some of the most well known brand names in the region struggle to find the right talent and bring in what are arguably the most important assets in any business. This is partly due to a genuine skills shortage in some disciplines, but not always.

The way you manage your recruitment process creates an impression and it’s vital that you create a positive one from the onset. How you word the job advertisement, conduct the interviews, the information you provide and most importantly the speed and quality of your feedback is vital.

In our experience a typical company job description is often far removed from the actual day in the life. Your applicants need to make an informed decision and have the comfort that they are joining your business with their eyes wide open and fully aware of your expectations, objectives and challenges they will face.

A professional agency will go to great lengths to understand your role. It involves asking fairly challenging questions that some recruiters may be afraid to ask or can’t due to a lack of business acumen and experience. It’s a brave move, but so important.

When employers, agencies and candidates have complete transparency and honesty with each other the recruitment process can work wonderfully.

Neil O’Connor

Managing Director
Fleet Recruitment