Rachel Townsend Green

Director, Thrive Marketing Limited


Prior to setting up my own company, I worked for a number of recognised businesses in the North-East, which were the recipients of various awards, holding a number of senior roles covering marketing, customer services, business development and account management and have experience on both a national and international platform across a wide variety of market sectors and business sizes.

I am a marketer at heart and can offer assistance with all that that entails but have the additional benefit of acute commercial and customer-focus which can be backed up by robust experience. I have also successfully worked with businesses on the formulation, development and implementation of business development strategies with particular focus on sales, marketing, customer service, as well as business and resource planning – again, nationally and internationally and across a variety of disciplines.

Why are you a member of ABPC

I grew up in Aycliffe Village and moved back there about 20 years ago to be closer to family in Heighington. I am passionate about the area, its residents (both private and business) and am keen to do all that I can to help to support and sustain the positive growth that we have seen in recent years. Add to this that it is always better to give than to receive, I firmly believe that it is important for all of those who are able to put something back wherever possible. This is an area which has seen me start and grow a business (albeit on a small scale) none of which would have been possible without the talent, support and resources that we have locally.

Likes about business &/or ABP

In addition to the passion for the area stated above, I am still after, nearly 30 years in the marketing sector, learning every day. I currently lead Thrive’s strategic approach and am heavily involved in account management too, being particularly enthusiastic about modern marketing approaches, including social media and content marketing and hope that I pass this on to the team and our clients.


My home life is so ‘rock and roll’ that many wouldn’t believe it! Knitting, candle making, furniture restoration, gardening, cooking (with the associated eating and drinking) and yoga feature regularly!