Kerina Clark

Managing Director, Xcel Centre


Kerina started her career in the banking sector, working for RBS group for 11 years in their retail sales division. In 2004 she joined CLC Preschool as nursery business manager, growing the business by over 30% in 2 years and achieving Investor in Children award in 2006. In 2007 she was appointed Centre Manager for Xcel, leading the development of new businesses within the group and the expansion of CLC preschool to Little Cubs Nursery. During the construction period of Xcel Centre she was actively involved with the design team and saw the project through all the development stages to completion and opening.

Kerina played a key role in the restructure of the business in 2013, being appointed to the board and taking a strategic oversight role of all the day to day operations as Centre Director.

When Xcel choose Aycliffe Business Park as the location for the business, Kerina was keen to make the most of being part of a business community and actively sought to build relationships and connections with neighbouring companies. She is a founding Director of Aycliffe Business Park Ltd and is passionate about seeing local companies succeed together.

Why are you a member of ABPC

In the early days of the Xcel Centre project I was in conversation with someone who used the phrase 'your resources are in your relationships'. This stuck with me and I realised the truth of it when there were challenges with the build project and it was through the connections made with people that we were able to continue moving forward. To me, Aycliffe Business Park Community isn't about buildings and factories - it's about people at every level in every organisation. Through ABPC we help connect people to each other and to the resources they need to help their business grow.

Likes about business &/or ABP

​I love the challenge of business, problem solving gives me energy! Tell me that something can't be done and I'm absolutely determined to find a way that it can be done. This is one of things I like about ABP, there are hundreds of people with the same attitude proving that things CAN be done and doing them very well.​


Three teenage daughters have kept me fairly busy but as they are now growing up and are much more independent, I'm starting to rediscover the joy of travelling. Thanks to Rachel Townsend Green, under her guidance I am also now a novice knitter!