K9 Pursuits Dog Day Care & Training Centre

K9 Pursuits Dog Day Care and Training Centre was established on Aycliffe Business Park in 2006.

Awarded five stars from Durham County Council, K9 Pursuits continues to maintain high standards.

The owners, Andrea Rogers and Gill Crawford, are qualified in dog welfare, behaviour and training, and have previously taught animal care in further education. K9 Pursuits offers an educational and practical work placement for students studying dog welfare, training and behaviour.


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T: 07813 962077

1 Whitworth Avenue
Aycliffe Business Park

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Using the latest reward and science-based training, we encourage you to understand how to communicate with your dog and have a relationship that works two ways.

Both Andrea and Gill also have a background working for several years at Dogs Trust dealing with all breeds. Most importantly, they are passionate about what they do, so much so that their weekends are taken up with competing all over the country with their own dogs or updating their skills in the ever-evolving area of dog training and welfare.

The staff at K9 Pursuits are qualified or working towards their animal care qualifications.
our services include:

Dog day care
Dog training courses and individual training
Online training
Canine leisure swimming
Dog grooming
Special events and more

We have a 4,000sq unit which includes secure indoor and outdoor facilities - your dogs are as important to us as they are to you.