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We help leaders like you develop the enhanced emotional intelligence to drive change.

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What do today’s top leaders have in common?

They harness the power of emotional intelligence to transform the people around them into high performers who succeed. No matter what level of your career you’re at – or industry you work in – understanding your own and others’ emotions is the difference between incredible effectiveness and poor performance. It’s the difference between just completing a job and excelling at the task while inspiring those around you to do the same. Are you ready to develop the high-value skills that will transform your leadership?

At The Emotional Intelligence Company, we’ve spent over two decades helping people develop their emotional intelligence to enhance performance, inspire teams, and drive change.

As European Distribution Partners of the world-renowned Multi-Health Systems Inc, we’ve worked with forward-thinking coaches, consultants and global organisations to deliver over 7,000 EQ-i reports and 100 certifications worldwide.