Assured Fulfilment Ltd

Outsourced logistics processes including inventory management, warehousing, and fulfilment.

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T: 01325 320 335

6 Cumbie Way
Aycliffe Business Park

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If you are a business shipping physical items to your clients, order fulfilment is often an integral part of your operations.

As your business grows, you may find that fulfilling customer orders in-house is no longer feasible, either due to practical problems with space and people required or because it eats away time you could be spending successfully growing your business.

Customers of Assured Fulfilment are outsourcing their logistics processes to a third-party business, including inventory management, warehousing, and fulfilment.

Assured Fulfilment allows e-commerce merchants and other sellers to accomplish more, with the tools and infrastructure to automate retail or business to business order fulfilment on their behalf.