50+ firms gather as Aycliffe Business Park events make welcome return

More than 50 businesses gathered as a popular series of networking events made a welcome ‘real’ return.

Company delegates got together for the news and networking event at the Xcel Centre on Aycliffe Business Park.

Organised by Aycliffe Business Park Community (ABPC), and sponsored by local software specialists Excelpoint, it was the first in-person since the Covid outbreak after the group had taken events online.

Guests heard about ABPC’s latest appointments and plans for the future.

ABPC chair Kerina Clark said: “After over 20 months of online events it was fantastic to gather in person and see the energy and enthusiasm in our business community.   

“I was encouraged to hear so many good news updates from companies, many who have navigated the difficulties of the last year with skill and integrity and who are now positioned for growth and expansion. 

“Actively engaging with the local business community and contributing by sharing experience, knowledge and connections adds huge value to all involved and I’m looking forward to future events and welcoming more of Aycliffe Business Park companies joining us.”

The event was sponsored by Aycliffe-based software providers Excelpoint.

The firm’s managing director Ian Brown said: “It was an excellent event. It was just great to see nearly 60 people enjoying the time together, to discuss matters that affect their businesses for the positive and negative. 

“Not only is Aycliffe Business Park a thriving commercial centre, but unlike many other large business parks, it also has a fully engaged forum that consumes and provides information to all of the other members of the community. 

“I would say well in excess of 50% of all businesses on the park are regularly engaged in the forum and attend meetings and events.

“ABPC’s regular community events was one of the reasons I relocated Excelpoint to Aycliffe Business Park in the first place when there were a number of other options.

“I’d recommend all local businesses to get along to future meetings, to either get to know your neighbours, make new contacts or take valuable information away from them.”

Aycliffe’s next news and networking event, sponsored by Jacksons Law Firm, is at the Xcel Centre on Friday, November 19. For details and to register go to aycliffebusinesspark.co.uk.

With pic: Excelpoint managing director Ian Brown (centre) with Aycliffe Business Park Community chair Kerina Clark and business development manager Martin Walker.