Thomas Prentice

Business Development Manager, Stiller Warehousing & Distribution


I have been in sales most of my career, mainly in the logistics industry. My first really good sales position was in parcel distribution. It was a good six years’ grounding until I set up my own distribution brokerage which I ran for just over 11 years. Finally, in 2016, I found Stiller and have thoroughly enjoyed every year and look forward to many more.

Why are you a member of ABPC

I was given Aycliffe as my first sales area back in 1993. Since then I have had an affinity with the businesses and people of this area like no other place in the UK. Working for a service-driven organisation that is a resident of the business park it is natural for me to feel a sense of responsibility for the community as a whole and the ABPC gives me and my peers an opportunity to enhance and better their tenure on the park.

Likes about business &/or ABP

I am annoyingly positive and I still get enormous satisfaction with inviting companies to use Stiller. The guys I work with day-to-day are all exceptional at what they do so I am therefore very excited to enjoy the same level of professionalism by joining the board of the APBC. After five years of attending their events I know what a difference they make and I am very grateful for the opportunity to add to that effort.


My children and now grandchildren, that’s it, full stop!