AAA Caring Caretaker Ltd

Our highly-effective service is designed around your needs.

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T: 01325 311116

Bede House,
Entrance A, 1st Floor,
St Cuthbert's Way,
Aycliffe Business Park,
Newton Aycliffe

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Business Services

The Caring Caretaker Service is simple – you pay us by the hour for an agreed amount of work (tailored to your requirements), and if other minor jobs arise whilst on-site during this time, we will if possible complete these whilst on your premises at no extra charge.

Our highly-effective service is designed around your needs – not just a quotation on a single job or service, but on a tailored, integrated value-for-money service designed to provide you with a cost-valued product centred around you.

In order to meet your needs, we are delighted to have individuals who are proud of their work, dedicated, trustworthy and honest and above all else – want to work.

We are honoured that our people, drawn from across our Armed Forces, only wish to continue providing and delivering that focused level of quality.